The Unsung Heroes of Harlem

Sometimes I hear West Indians complaining that African Americans are too lazy.In other words they don’t get with the American Dream program.My first reaction to that comment is to wonder,Uncle Tom aside, why anyone group of people, that has been so badly treated by this superficial dream, would want to have anything to do with such an absurd idea in the first place.There are 27 amendments to the constitution and I fail to see any reference to the notion that one must work.The unemployment rate is only 5% and a good many of those are actively looking for work.I think unemployment rate is far too low.Surely it would be much more healthy for the working man, if twice that number never even bothered to get out of bed,except to eat and have a drink,a toke and a hit.Not only would there be much more opportunity,less competition for work,but our overall ecological footprint would be considerably less.The unemployed are less likely to have cars,less likely to shop and in some cases may eat less,especially meat since it is so much more expensive.If less people worked then salaries would have to go up.
We would have to let more Mexicans slip across the border.Should I care if my restaurant food is prepared by Mexicans or if my house is built by Jamaicans?If they want to do all the work that nobody else wants to do,then let them do it.What do all of the free marketeers think about that?Instead of this we build walls to stop the Mexicans getting into the US and forget that we were deeply critical of the Berlin wall which stopped people getting out.Then people complain that American jobs are being stolen by persons who actually want to work.
We complain that all our taxes are being sucked up by these welfare queens who lounge around having babies.I wonder if anyone noticed a windfall of money coming their way when Clinton’s Welfare Bill came into effect.On the contrary they wanted to take union paying jobs away from one worker and give it to a welfare recipient at less than minimum wage. A single paragraph in the 35-page welfare overhaul proposal says that, “the federal minimum-wage provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act should not apply to people in ‘welfare-to-work’ jobs”. So if you are working class and you have an ax to grind,take it somewhere else, cause all those lazy ass folks are an essential part of your economy.If you are working overtime, without being paid, out of some idea of self sacrifice, you are not doing your brothers any big favours,in fact you are by your heroic efforts pushing salaries down, undermining the economy,and the great labor efforts of people like Cesar Chavez and Lucy Parsons .
So let’s have a big cheer for slackers for doing their universal duty.Ask your Representatives and Congress persons to pay them more money so they will not be inspired to get up and go to work.Let them not feel guilty about lying around and being shiftless.On the contrary,they should become the new heroes of our society,they should be lauded, The Worlds New Idle Men and Women of the 21st Century.
Back in the 19th century,before that dark chapter in our history called The Industrial Revolution, it was not considered decent by the aristocracy to work.If you worked you were shunned,as it implied that you did not have enough money to live excessively and flamboyantly without working.Now it is time for the working class to boycott work and let the aristocrats do their share,or shut up,and let us slip unempedded into the ozone.

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