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One Night Stays at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

I see that you have a two-night minimum stay. We are looking for a one-night stay (2 people) this Friday. Do you make exceptions at this late date?Yes there are exceptions to the rules,as there should be.We will always try to accommodate you if we can.Do not hesitate to call and we will check the […]

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How Far is Harlem from Manhattan??

Not far……..Harlem is in Manhattan.Harlem is in the Northern part of Manhattan.Many people think that Harlem is a borough,but it is in fact a district.There are 2 possible reasons for this.First it is the biggest district in NYC and second,due to it’s history, it is the most famous.It is by my calculation,the most well known […]

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The 5 freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment? +1

Freedom of Religion The First Amendment prevents the American government from establishing an official religion.Citizens have the freedom to attend the church, synagogue, temple or mosque of their choice – or not attend at all. The First Amendment allows us to practice our religion the way we want to. Freedom of Speech The First Amendment […]

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What’s for free at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn and beyond.

Museum admission prices in New York are ridiculous. The bigger the institutions the higher the price.The MoMA now charges $20 for regular admission (and that’s despite recent shows that seemed more like corporate advertising ops than art, such as motorcycles and Armani). It’s a good thing that New York’s cultural resources run deep. There is […]

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Restaurants and jazz clubs near Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

In the past 10 years much has changed in Harlem.Some of these changes have been good and some not so good.An example of the not so good is mallification,(this is not a word to be found in any dictionary but it means,turning a street or neighborhood into a mall).An example of this is 125th st.The […]

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Wireless Internet and computers at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

Yes, we have wireless Internet at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.Also there are 2 computers in the reception room that you are welcome to use,so you don’t have to carry your laptop with you.There is also a printer.This is a free service.You are welcome to use this anytime from 9am-9pm,unless there is a function going on […]

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How big is the additional bed at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

These are usually double beds but we also have queen size beds.We use air beds .This is not an air mattress.These are the same height as a regular bed and they are very comfortable.Hand-held comfort control wand lets you customize the firmness of the bed.The vinyl is wrapped in a microsuede fabric that feels great […]

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Are there any theaters near Sugar Hill Harlem Inn?

There are 3 theaters on Sugar Hill.They are all about a 5 minute walk from Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.The Classic Theater of Harlem http://www.classicaltheatreofharlem.org/Harlem Stage at the Gatehouse http://www.harlemstage.org/Aaron Davis Hall http://www.ccny.cuny.edu/aboutus/campus/aarondavis00.htmThe Classic Theater of Harlem produces some of the best off Broadway theater in NYC.The Gatehouse is a brand new theater built in an […]

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What is the subway stop for Sugar Hill Harlem Inn?

Take the A or the D train to W145st.Get on at the back of the train,otherwise you will find yourself exiting at W147st.Walk up the Hill (145st) to Convent Avenue,make a left,passing by Convent Avenue Baptist Church.Check out the beautiful Queen Anne buildings,each one uniquely different.I know, if it is unique, then it must be […]

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Easy Parking near Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

Is there parking on Sugar Hill?Yes unlike the rest of Manhattan,there is parking on the street,that is easy to find and it’s free.On Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday from 11.30am-1.00pm,you must move your car from the side of the street that is being swept.Double parking is fine during these times.Do not double park on W143st between Amsterdam […]

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