Sudden Death Chapter 1

The year was 2034. In early spring an alarming rumour of a strange new illness had begun to spread.Most people ignored the news much like they did with AIDS in the1980’s and bird flu at the turn of the century.Soon however it became impossible to ignore,since the rate of incidents was increasing at an astounding rate and more and more deaths were occurring daily.People, who otherwise seemed perfectly healthy would suddenly collapse,writhing on the ground apparently in the most excruciating pain,crying out,thrashing and flailing in the air from the intense pain.
In a much reported instance, a dying woman had managed to grab a policeman’s gun and shot herself in front of a large group of people who had gathered at 125th and Broadway to lend assistance to this agonized woman.The surprising outcome of this one particular incident was that most people expressed a sense of relief when the gun went off and the screaming stopped.Before long it became clear that people who were witness to these occurrences of SD (sudden death) were themselves so traumatized that they had to seek help and suffered a kind of shell shock.There were 2 reasons for this.One was from witnessing the obvious pain that the victim suffered, and the terrible screams that seemed to emanate from their very pores.The other cause of the trauma was that nobody knew from where this illness came,and it seemed more and more obvious there was a chance that it could happen to themselves.
A deep sense of panic set into the population and more and more people fled in terror when someone fell ill in a public space. Since it took the victim about 5 hours to die from this seizure and nobody had ever recovered,a public debate began as to whether it would be more humane to just shoot the victim and put him out of his misery.More and more people carried their own weapons,hoping to be able to end their misery,but for some reason were unable to withdraw the loaded gun and pull the trigger.By September thousands of people were dying in this horrendous manner and society was starting to unravel.
Early in the year a young scientist, Dr Billy Strayhorn had started to do research on this illness and had noticed that for practically the first time in history, this affliction did not effect those from poorer countries or extremely poor neighborhoods in the west.In fact it seemed that the wealthier you were the more likely you were to get ill.Also few people below the age of 40 suffered from this affliction.
From the early on in his research Dr. Billy was suspicious of the EAR. Almost a 1/4 century since the cell phone craze had died,the E.A.R. was invented.This was a tiny chip that was inserted under the skin behind the ear.No more carrying around that phone, now all you had to do was say the persons name and you were immediately connected.It was quite reminiscent of New York in the 1970’s when all these deranged citizens walked around the streets talking to themselves.It was not an unusual sight to see people standing on a street corner having a heated argument with an old, now disused parking meter.
He was however puzzled by the lack of illness in adolescence since most kids from age 9 had one of these devises implanted.Finally at the end of September his report was released.The news was not good.All those people who had one of these EAR devises implanted for more than 3 years were going to get this illness.These devises were initiating a devastating mold that somehow was able to remain hidden in the brain until about a week before the victim collapsed.The incubation period was a bit more than 20 years. Most children under 12 were safe.Many were borderline.A long wait ensued for those young children.

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