Standard Letter of Defense for Parking Tickets

Everything in red must be changed to fit your own description.

Billy Holiday,
108 W.139th St,
New York NY 10030
Plate # GWB 911
Ticket #: 7315275940
Date: 04/07/1915

Parking Violations Hearing By Mail Unit
P.O. Box 29021
Brooklyn, NY 11202-9021

To Whom It May Concern:I hereby plead innocent to the enclosed parking summons, number 7315275940 issued on plate #GWB 911, and request a dismissal of the summons and a waiver of any and all fines and late penalties for the following reason(s):
I was taking my grandmother to her favorite fabric and notion store.I pulled over to the curb,adjacent to the store to let her out.Then I got out to open the car door for her and help her out.I helped her walk across the sidewalk and I was holding the store door open for her when I noticed a ticket agent by the car.I immediately ran to the car and drove off.It happened so quickly I was not even aware that a ticket had been issued.

Yours faithfully,

Billy Holiday

Certified Mail Receipt#


  • If in my parking ticket, if it got my Registration Expiration Date wrong and missing the VIN, is that considered a dismissible defective ticket? If you have the answer, please email to me at garfieldcat@gmail thank you

  • Why the Parking Charge Notice has been served by post – for example, due to CCTV evidence, because a driver prevented an officer from giving a ticket, because the driver sped away before the ticket could be stuck to their car.

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