Restaurants and jazz clubs near Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

In the past 10 years much has changed in Harlem.Some of these changes have been good and some not so good.An example of the not so good is mallification,(this is not a word to be found in any dictionary but it means,turning a street or neighborhood into a mall).An example of this is 125th st.
The good changes that have come to Harlem are the huge increase in quality restaurants.
Click here for a current list of most of them.
The restaurant that is closest to us that we always recommend is Baton Rouge The food and the atmosphere are great.It is in a brownstone on W145 st,about 5 minutes walk from Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.
Another place in the neighborhood that we recommend is St. Nick’s Pub at 150th and St Nicholas Ave.This is a great venue for drinks and jazz.
In central Harlem we recommend the restaurant Native and the very famous jazz club the Lenox Lounge
The most famous restaurant in all of Harlem is Sylvia’s,the queen of soul food.Opened in 1962 and known for their Gospel Brunch on Sundays.

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