Parking Violations in Disarray??

Back in the 80’s when I owned a few small trucks,I never paid the parking tickets believing that since I did not deserve them that they would somehow magically go away.Of course eventually I got towed and it ended up costing me more.In some cases much more, and in fact,once a radiator had to be replaced due to damage by a tow truck.
In the 90’s I was a bit wiser but still could not bring myself to paying the ever increasing cost of those tickets.Instead I started fighting back….by mail.I would,, never suggest that anyone,physically go to the PVB offices and wait all day to be heard and subjected to this kind of torture,unless you are a member of the Hell Fire Club
I was successful in beating just about every ticket that came my way and in the process observed that the police for the most part did not bother reading what was on the registration.Instead they looked to the markings on the vehicle to determine the make.Therefore if my GMC truck appeared to be a Ford,then 90% of my tkts came with an incorrect “make”.As my driver Louie would say to me with a chuckle.”This one’s no good!” For those of you who don’t know,a ticket with a mistake is invalid as long as you contest it.
Now we move into the next decade and I’m not sure what this one or the next one is called.I have never heard anyone refer to it by name.I suppose we will have to wait until the 20’s before we have a decade with a name.Perhaps it could be called RFIDs.RFIDs are the new bar codes that will help Big Brother track your every move.We don’t have to have the chips implanted in us.We will be waring them.Which brings me to the current bar codes that we are now using to scan parking tkts.I suppose the city of New York,the mayor,and all the genius’s that surround his royal being,assumed that they could gouge deeper, the pockets of all those selfish New Yorkers that had cars but could not afford to keep them in a parking lot.Tickets could be scanned quicker and less mistakes would be made.Actually no mistakes should be made at all with a scanner,which brings me to my latest observations.
Let us suppose that after much effort by some large corporation, a system was bought by the city of New York to scan and track all these millions of parking tkts and let us suppose that after doing some initial field tests, the go ahead went ahead and all those creepy bureaucrats sat back rubbing their hands gleefully at the thought of all those extra $$’s that they would rake in.However after a period of time they realised that there seemed to be some glitches in the system.Unless someone did something then,well they wouldn’t have a clue about who owed what. Especially if people just contested every ticket and gave the most absurd reason,just to see what happened.By the way I am one of those people.So bear with me a moment.You may like what I think is going on here. Especially if you own a car that you can’t afford to keep it in one of those parking lots that cost about $500 per month.
My idea is to start a quiet revolution.It will be the most silent revolution because the enemy would rather not come out into the open and do battle.They will prefer to stay down in their bunkers and hope that not too many people hear about this.There are rules to this guerilla warfare game and if you plan to play.Abide by these rules please.
1/ Buy a folder and write PVB on it.
2/ Put every ticket that you get in the folder and throw those nasty orange envelops away,you won’t be needing them.
3/After about a month you will start receiving demands for payment with an added penalty.You must respond using a system whereby you have a receipt,either “return receipt requested” via US mail or one of the other carriers that provide proof of delivery.All you have to do is to request a copy of the tkt and that the penalties be removed.Just because you were issued a tkt does not mean you received it.Sometimes it get’s windy out there.It rains.Stuff get washed away.It’s not your fault.
4/The next part is quite amusing because the city will now send a letter offering you a choice, a deal (a reduced cost)if you pay the ticket before a certain date or wait for the judge to decide and pay the full penalty, if you are found guilty.Guilty of what, I am not sure because you have not had a chance to make your case.There is also a possibility that the city will send you the ticket in which case you should write them a letter telling them that you were about to move your car but you slipped on a banana peel or an onion skin or whatever lame excuse you can come up with.
5/ If you loose your case,pay the ticket and appeal.You should receive an appeal form with the verdict.If not, you can find the form on the internet.In order to appeal you must have a copy of your ticket.Don’t worry.This is not a capital punishment yet.
6/Keep copies of everything including return receipts that you should staple to the letters that you wrote..DON’T BE LAZY or you’ll be in a sorry mess,especially if you get alot of ticktets.
7/Do not get careless because you think “you don’t have to worry,because the system is broken”.They may be about to fix it.I could be wrong.Maybe the system is not broken.They are just trying out a new strategy and are about to launch an all out war on scafflows like…well, you and me.
For those of you who like to ask annoying questions.”Why are you telling everyone your secret?Wouldn’t it be better to just carry on quietly saving yourself a whole heap of money?”…I believe the system needs a little push.I want to see what kind of chaos the city can create for itself.The more people join in our little experiment the more confusion it will create.
Are you an anarchist?….Anarchy has never been given a proper chance.Who threw that bomb in Chicago,in the Haymarket in 1886 anyway and why no proper investigation? I am sorry to have dragged politics into this but I always find myself attracted the people like Lucy Parsons or the Marquis de Sade.Not that I condon the torture of women, prostitutes or otherwise,but the Marquis did push for certain changes in censorship that well,we are in the process of selling off to the highest bidder today.
Doesn’t the city need this money?If you crack open this agency and it colapses on itself like a brown dwarf,won’t we all get sucked down the rabbit hole.Yes it does and yes we will.

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