No Room at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn?

This room is no longer available.

This is a busy time for us and we have gotten all kinds of fantastic reviews at and we were chosen by,as the best B&B; in NYC in 2007,so we have filled up the rooms this season at an incredible speed.In addition the word is out that we are using renewable energy,generated by solar panels on our roof,the only B&B; in NYC to do so.So let me summarize here,in just 2 years of opening our doors at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn,we are the best B&B; in NYC and the only B&B; to use renewable energy.

In addition, we are in Harlem,not midtown.Don’t get me wrong,midtown is a fine place to visit during the day,but I wouldn’t want to sleep there.Also we are just a 5 minute walk to the express subway line,the famous and much celebrated ‘A train’ which takes you to Times Square in less than 15 minutes.

As stated in the opening paragraph,the room you wanted is taken.However we don’t want to leave you out in the cold, so we can work this out with you, but you would have to move around a bit from room to room.A lot of people think this is too much of a hassle and as a result do not book.However we have managed to do this many times and we make the move so easy that people are quite happy with the trouble free experience.

You should let us know very soon,because this option will not stay open for long.
You are welcome to call us anytime and we can give you more details.

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    Sugar Hill Harlem Inn - Best of Award winner, 2007-2008

    Sugar Hill Harlem Inn, New York City, New York

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