New York ships their garbage to Guyana and Trinidad

“Assuming all goes well, former New York police commissioner, Bernard Kerik will arrive in Guyana next month to take up the post of security advisor to the government.”This is according to the Caribbean Net News
Assuming all goes well for who?
Kerik visited the South American nation last year, a trip that, The Inter-American Bank(IDB) said it did not pay for. The bank is financing a US$20 million project to reform the police force. If you check their website one of its motto’s is “…promotes projects that enforce it’s commitment to fight corruption.”
There is a link on their website called,”Why are Latin Americans so unhappy about Reforms?”
That’s a pretty funny question.I think the short answer is that they don’t work, but their answer is about 29 pages long. Part 2.1 goes “………..This could be part of a global trend with the end of the Reagan Thatcher era and the beginning of a new world wide movement to the left following, with a lag, the leadership of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair.”That’s a pretty big lag since Clinton has not been around since 2000 and is best remembered for his blowjobs . Tony Blair seems to be the most despised man in Britain right now and hardly he or Clinton would be considered a bastion of the left.
In 1998 Bernard Kerik became commissioner of the NYC dept. of Corrections.Some $1m in tobacco rebates for cigarettes bought with public funds and then sold at inflated prices to inmates were discovered to have been funneled into a foundation that Kerik headed.
In 2000 he replaced Howard Safir as police commissioner.On September 11 2001 the lack of coordination and the ongoing conflict between Kerik and Fire Commissioner Thomas Van Essen had a catastrophic effect,hampering rescue operations,and leading to death and injury of firefighters and police.
In June 2006,Kerik pleaded guilty to improperly accepting nearly $200,000.In return for his guilty plea to 2 misdemeanor counts and his payment of a $221,000 fine,he escaped jail time.Kerik allowed $165,000 worth of renovation work on his Riverdale apartment to be paid by Interstate Industrial Corp.,a firm that had ties to the Gambino Crime Family.Interstate was seeking a city contract and Kerik arranged a meeting between Frank Di Tommaso,one of it’s owners and Raymond V. Casey, head of the city’s Trade Waste Commission and a cousin of Mayor Giuliani.
Interstate also hired Mr Kerik’s brother,Donald for $85,00 a year as well as Lawrence Ray,who was best man at Mr Kerik’s 1998 wedding.An unfortunate falling-out with the groom and the best man led to disclosures to the Daily News that led to the probe.
Mr Kerik also pleaded guilty to failing to report loans totaling $28,000 that he received from real-estate developer,Nathan Berman,which provided the down payment on the apartment where the renovations took place.
Prosecuters did not charge Kerik in other matters that came under investigations including the non bid purchase of 4 security doors costing $50,000,ordered for One Police Plaza that turned out to be the wrong size.
While Kerik was at correction he had an affair with a female officer,using an apartment near Ground Zero, to have sex with her, that was meant as a place to sleep for rescue workers.Mr Schwartzbaum,the Wardens Association president said,”…..the department was run like a cross between the Gestapo,the Taliban and the mob”
In November of 2006,authorities subpoenaed HarperCollins,seeking records of payments to Bernard Kerik.They are seeking information on royalty payments for a book of photographs on 9/11 entitled, “In the Line of Duty”, using pictures of ground zero taken by police officers.The book which was published in 2001, stated on it’s cover that it would donate all revenues-an estimated $500,000 to the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund.There appear to be questions about where Kerik’s money went.His royalties which totaled over $75,000 did not go to charity but to a company he established under the name Gryphon Strategic Group.HarperCollins‘ checks to Kerik were mailed to Giuliani Partners where Kerik was then working.
In 2003 he was sent on a special six-month assignment to train the new Iraqi police force.He quit after three months,citing a need for vacation.
Two years ago,Kerik became director of Taser International,manufacturer of the infamous stun gun.Recently he sold his more than 100,000 shares for $5.7m.
Now Kerik is setting up office in the Caribbean.He has already set up a crime-busting consultancy in Trinidad and is getting started as a presidential security advisor in neighboring Guyana.
This is what the Inter-American Bank is financing, and I question what other projects they are funding, and I am still wondering why they are wondering, “Why are these people so unhappy about our reforms?”Maybe because these are the people who have to pay back that $20m loan financed by The Inter-American Bank Go on, click the link and read what is written at the top of their website,yes, INTEGRITY.

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  • Thank you at least someone is watching and understands what is going on.Trinidad has been indebted to a tune of over $1 Billion US dollars. That’s over 17,000 TT dollars per adult. Many women only earn $3000 a month. They have indebted our children, and our grandchildren.And they ask why the youth are so violent? It is because they have been robbed of their future.

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