Letter to Jack

You see Skully,this is your problem……….You think you are sooooooooo 21st century with your shitty little computer that you never turn on,in case it gets the plague or some other disease from the dark ages where it seems you like to reside.For you there is no better sound than a fire being lit at the stake,or better sight, than some poor sod locked in the stocks in the village square.

Your selected vision for Amerika ironically passes by your old buddy Adolph, and when you see the waves of emotion coming from the hoards screaming “seig heil” you find, feel and understand the excitement, but you fail to realize that the nightmare is right on your door step.The sounds of boots pounding on the pavement are getting loader,the fearful concussion shaking the house from fists beating on your door will wake you from your slumber,but it will be too late.Hiding under the bed covers won’t help.They’ll drag your screaming terrified body out of the bedroom and throw you down the stairs.They will know your deepest darkest fears and they will get to work on you right away, kicking you into the back of a dark refrigerated truck.

Go ahead Skully laugh, huff on your bag of propaganda,your day is fast approaching.

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