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Left Luggage/Baggage Hold at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

If we are not leaving until the evening,where can we leave our luggage?
We have a large reception room downstairs where you can leave your bags.There are computers and a kitchen if you need to check email,or make a cup of tea, while waiting to be picked up.
There is a cab company just around the corner and they can send a cab within 5 minutes.
This will not happen if it is during rush hour and it is raining. Any combination of this scenario is not conducive to getting a cab.Standing on a street corner in the rain in order to flag one down will only get you wet.
You will not get sick however since sickness comes from viruses and they flourish better inside where it is warm.The best protection from these viruses is go outside and stand in the cold wind or on a corner in the rain.But if you get tired of that and you must come inside where these pesky viruses reside,be sure to eat huge amounts of capsicum in your daily diet.


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