If I was King for 14 nights

1st night.Land Reform:
Land will be redistributed.
The Black Hills of Dakota will be returned to the Sioux.
The sons and grandsons of Rockafeller have inherited vast fortunes.The sons and grandsons of slaves inherited a broken promise,40 acres and a mule.Slaves built this country and worked much harder than John D Rockefeller.We will live up to our promise.

2nd night:Prison Reform:
All non violent prisoners will be released from prison.For those accused of violent crimes,new tribunals will be set up to determine their culpability,re.Mumia, and Leonard Peltier.For those whose culpability is confirmed,new centers will be set up to rehabilitate.

3rd night Military Reform:
The military industrial complex will be disbanded.Our troops will be sent out around the developing world to help build their infrastructure.

4th night.Bank Reform:
Disband The Federal Reserve and Income Tax.The Federal Reserve is neither.It is no more federal than Federal Express and there is no reserve.They have a license to print money that they turn around and lend with interest to the government.Guess who pays for that?Your income taxes,a completely illegal tax that was never approved by the Supreme Court and introduced at the same time as guess what,the Federal Reserve during Christmas in 1913 when everyone was on vacation.The main reason Americans fought the revolutionary wars was to get rid of a British central bank that was doing the same thing as the Federal Reserve.
Credit card companies will be reeled in and banks will be regulated and forced to pay back fees that do not realistically reflect their costs re: $35 for a bounced check or 30% interest for credit cards?

5th night. Agricultural Reform:
No more farm subsidies.
No more dumping toxic chemicals or animal waste on our lands and in our rivers.Give back the land to small farmers.Allow them to grow hemp.Encourage all to use crop rotation and composting to replace nutrients instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

6th night.Industrial Reform:
Industry must be held accountable for any and all pollution costs.A green tax should be levied on all industries that produce anything that cannot be recycled.At the end of their use the old TVs and micro waves will be returned to the manufacturer who will be required to disassemble and recycle.Any cost for incineration will go back to the manufacturer.My neighbor’s taxes will no longer pay to dispose of my fridge.
Corporate crime has a devastating effect on our economy,and heavy fines will be levied on corporations who are in violation of the laws.
Corporate welfare will be terminated.Whether it is farm subsidies,or the bailing out of failed industries or the stock market, it is costing the American tax payer billions.

7th night.Health Care Reform:
Free health care.Freedom to self medicate.If you feel exhausted and you want to chew coca to keep awake, if you want to take Ecstasy because you’ve been traumatized, if you want to smoke pot to increase your appetite or to stop vomiting or just to get high,or if you want to drink ayahuasca or peyote,so you can expand your conscious, then this is your life and your right.As king I will mind my own fucking business.

8th night:Education Reform:
Let’s take the police and the word “program” out of our schools.School is not a jail and I don’t want my kids programed.We can build school buildings that will change the way children view education.Lots of sunshine and fresh air.Art and music everywhere,a celebration of life in the air.The teachers will come to work because they love what they do, not because the mortgage has to be paid.Children can read their insincerity.School is not just about reading,writing and math,there is so much more to life,than just making money and children understand when you say,”you must get an education”………..”so I can be just like you and your program?”.Get rid of all this testing and high pressure,don’t we see where that leads us,The path we are on is a dangerous one.Should we just keep going because that is all we know?We need to change our relationship to money and we need to accept our mistakes and lead our children to a better place.If our schools are charging $40,000 a year then we are not teaching our children anything except to be like us,which we can see is wrong.Education must be free on every level.Ignorance is just too damn expensive.

9th night:Housing Reform:
No more ugly houses,PLEASE.My eyes are hurting.I can’t take it anymore.America is such a beautiful country.How could you sow the countryside with all that vinyl siding and PVC piping?It is ugly for a reason.
Vinyl chloride is poisonous.One of the by products in the manufacture and the incineration of vinyl is dioxin,the main ingredient in Agent Orange.The same poison we were castigated around the world for using against the enemy, we are stock piling here at home.Does anyone think this is a good idea?
Formaldehyde.It is in your cushions, carpets and particle board and it is poison.
Housing should only be made with natural materials.This is not expensive.It is cheap and once built with all the water recycling and energy producing technology it is cheap to maintain.Everything in nature has a positive effect on nature and recycles back into nature except what people produce.Linear which is the opposite to recycle can only work for so long and then we will suffocate in our own toxins.

10th night: Transportation Reform: The day of the car is rapidly coming to a close.The price of petroleum will force change or we can start now and make a painless transition or we can all suffer the consequences.Remember the gas lines of the 70’s?Well this is going to be far worse,because the pumps will be dry.So what is it going to be?Public transportation using trains,trams and streetcars is the only way we can move around together without using too much energy,but if you wait till most of the oil runs out,it will be too late to build the infra-stucture .I believe an efficient system can be built alongside or down the middle of our roads.For example,we are on 99st and Broadway and we want to go to New Jersey.We go onto Broadway and wait for a street car that arrives quietly,they don’t have to rattle and screech.We get on the last car because when the train gets to 96th st this car is going to disconnect and go down 96th st to the West Side Highway.Once it gets there it will hook up to another train going up the highway.Passengers will then be instructed to move to certain cars that will be taking certain exits.We want to go to New Jersey so we will go to the car that is crossing the GW bridge.On each side of the train there will be wide oneway walkways so people can pass easily from car to car.

11th night: Labor Law Reform:
Minimum wage in this country is $5.85 per hour,so if you work 40 hours you make $234 per week or $936 per month.I would start out by doubling that.If corporations can’t afford to pay a living wage they should close their doors.Slavery was abolished 150 years ago.

12th night:Religious Reform:No more tax exemptions for religion.Religion is a business just like any other,they donate some of their money to charity but the bulk of it they keep.

13th night: Energy Reform:
Here’s the deal.We pay them,they poison us,plus our government gives them a generous subsidy.I’m not sure who is getting a great deal here because we all breath the same air and we all drink the same water,well,unless you live in West Virginia where coal mining companies are leveling mountains to get at the coal,and the water is as you would expect,black.The owner of these large coal mining companies actually lives on top of a hill in the region,overlooking this disaster.I’m not sure what he is thinking,but maybe the money he is making is blurring his vision.
Nuclear power plants may not produce CO2 but they do produce the kind of waste that will be around for about 250,000 years.
Coal fired power plants produce huge amounts of CO2,mercury and acid rain,another bad idea.
Oil produces CO2 and we may be running out,we really don’t know how long that will last.Don’t expect either your government or Exxon Mobil to give you any notice on that one.”Sorry we couldn’t give you any notification of impending disaster,we were afraid you’d panic and stop buying our product.”
Solar ,wind,tidal, geothermal and conservation is not sufficient to ,but that may be because little money has been invested in research.We need to start somewhere and we need to start now.Let us build breeder solar panel factories,factories that produce solar panels,powered by solar panels.

14th night.Bring back small independant newspapers,radio and TV and end the monopolization of the media by a few who wish to brainwash us into believing that none of this is possible

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