How to Fight Parking Tickets and Win….every time

I say “Win…. every time” because you will always win,even if all you achieve is delaying the payment for months or even years.You will also contribute to tying up a corrupt system that is in total disarray,with the introduction of the new scanners.I know that a big fear of people is being towed.It is a horrible experience,I agree.But I am not suggesting that you do anything else but play by the rules.I will point out however that it has been a long time since I have seen those tow trucks that trawl down the road,entering plate numbers into a computer in search of scofflaws.A possible reason for this may be, that if they don’t know who owes what then they can’t go around towing cars.
There are rules to the game and if you plan to play,abide by these rules please.Like everything else it involves a bit of energy to get started,but after a while it is similar to any sport whereby you take great pleasure,not in winning, but seeing the loosing side take a good beating.
1/ Buy a folder and write PVB on it.If you are really anal.You can stick a piece of neatly lined paper on the cover and write down each Ticket # and add notes.At the end of each fiscal year your can add up all the money you have saved and show off to all your gullible friends that still pay parking tickets.
2/ Put every ticket that you get in the folder and throw those nasty orange envelops away,you won’t be needing them.
3a/After about a month you will start receiving demands for payment with an added penalty.You must respond using a system whereby you have a receipt,either “return receipt requested” via US mail or one of the other carriers that provide proof of delivery.The US mail return receipt is easy and you don’t have to go to the post office,except once to collect the green forms.There are 2 of them.One is paper,”Certified Mail”. This is your receipt.It has some numbers on it that you can peel off. The other one is a green card(if you are Mexican,I’m sorry but it’s not one of those “green cards”) and you will see “2.Article Number” at the bottom.That is where you stick those numbers that you peel off.Address the green card on one side and on the other side put your return address.Peel off the sticky sides and stick it to the back of the envelope and tear the paper Certified Mail Receipt along the tear line.The biggest piece is your receipt, and the smaller one you peel off the back and stick it on the envelop.Postage for certified mail,return receipt is currently$4.64.
3b/You must write a letter requesting a copy of the ticket and that the penalties be removed.Just because you were issued a ticket does not mean you received it.Sometimes it gets windy out there.It rains.Stuff get washed away.It’s not your fault.
4a/The next part is quite amusing because the city will now send a letter offering you a choice, a deal (a reduced cost)if you pay the ticket before a certain date or wait for the judge to decide and pay the full penalty, if you are found guilty.Do not pay.This a ruse.This means they can’t find your ticket and they are trying to get you to pay something.Staple the letter to the copy of the letter you sent to them and file it.You won’t hear from them again…YOU WON!!
Now hold the letter above your head and as you wave it frantically above your head, run around the block screaming.”I won,I won.”
4b/There is also a possibility that the city will send you the copy of the ticket, in which case you should write them a letter telling them that you were helping your grandmother out of the car,this is good for most parking tickets .You are allowed to stop at a bus stop to discharge passengers.Don’t forget your original claim that you did not get the ticket so if you were right there helping grandma out of the car you must mention that it happened so quickly that you did not realise a ticket had been issued and you just drove off.Otherwise you may end up having to pay a penalty if you loose your case on the ticket.Remember this is about taking advantage of a corrupt system close to the point of collapse that you are going to help push over the edge.Your effort is not a selfish act.This is your chance to make contribution to society.You can tell your grandchildren how you helped unhinge,a powerful corrupt city agency.
5/ If you loose your case,pay the ticket and appeal.You should receive an appeal form with the verdict.If not, you can find the form,by simply clicking here.In order to appeal you must have a copy of your ticket.Don’t worry.This is not a capital punishment yet.
6/Keep copies of everything including return receipts that you should staple to the letters that you wrote..DON’T BE LAZY or you’ll be in a sorry mess,especially if you get a lot of tickets.
7/Do not get careless because you think “you don’t have to worry,because the system is broken”.They may be about to fix it.I could be wrong.Maybe the system is not broken.They are just trying out a new strategy and are about to launch an all out war on scofflaws like…well, you and me.
8/If you get a hand written ticket,this means that it was written by a cop and not a meter maid.When tickets were all written out by hand, cops usually made more mistakes since they didn’t write so many as meter maids.Check every box against what is written on your registration.Make and Body Type are especially important boxes to look out for since these are common areas where mistakes get made.Mistakes are very good news.Since all you have to do is send a letter pointing this out along with a copy of the registration and it is an automatic dismissal.
I will also start posting samples of letters that you can copy and paste,so you don’t have to over tax your brain.Look at the bottom of this blog and click on the Label: Parking Violators of the World Unite.


  • I received two tickets for parking in the same spot on the same day. One was for expired meter, and the 2nd was for parking in a spot for more than 2 hours. The tickets were written by the same officer a few hours apart, but he wrote the expiration date of my registration incorrectly on the 2nd ticket. I took pictures of my license plate showing the correct registration expiration date, and a picture of my registration card, mailed that in with a check for the payment, and about 10 days later I received a letter saying that “I was not liable” for the ticket. I still had to pay the other ticket (only $35), but heck, fighting it (with very little effort) saved me $40 bucks! Good luck!!!

  • Does this work in Detroit too? I have a ticket due soon but it is so expensive….$45! I don’t have that kind of money. I didn’t see a sign but looked after I got a ticket and it was there….difficult to see.

    • $45 IS A LOT OF MONEY??? it costs that just to fill up a tank! And in NYC, its the CHEAPEST ticket you can possibly get!!

      • Dude fuck off. Not everybody makes as much as you, and not everybody lives in NYC… Nobody cares if $45 isn’t a lot of money to you, it’s a lot of money to the OP and that’s all that matters.

        • Not everyone makes as much or as little. If all you have is $45 then $45 is expensive. I’m not sure what OP is? Old people maybe? But thanks for your comment. It will liven up this page!

  • I was extorted into paying two tickets in ontario by service ontario. They wouldnt renew my sticker from my plate(emissions) total scam i went to an emissions facility and i payed 36 dollars, the stupid sticker in service ontario cost me 218 dollars. Plus 100 dollars for two unpayed fines. One of the fines i decided to figt and i have a proof slip but they did not contact me all. And the other one i payed online in the city of mississauga website and i have a receipt where they actually charged me a 1.50 convinience fee?!?! So i wonder if I can charge them an inconvinience fee for forcing me to double pay? Total mafia…with police as enforcers. I think this is a form of extortion. Darn weezles!

  • Hello I was cited three parking tickets and the grand total is $573.00 over a duration of time. all within this year 2016 they said my time to contest these parking tickets has ran out, What can I do? I am a single parent trying to live a life; I reached out to the DMV and they said their is no reduction program & that I will have to pay in the full amount before they can release my current registration Tags, when I hardly have enough money to eat pay my bills etc. I made good on paying the registration although again they would not release my Tags to me. what can I do please?


    • charge them with extortion under the color of official right.

    • Hi there, hope this suggestion would be of help and first thing you do is….PRAY and ask for God’s guidance and protection. These are powerful ways to beat the EVIL systems of parking tickets, DMV simply because your hard earned money is part of COLLECTING REVENUE FOR THE CITY.
      It is very important for you to FIGHT BACK and write them a letter and tell them how you truly feel. And if you think that you do NOTHING wrong….don’t llow their system treat you like a SLAVE and instead use THE CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS since as an individual you ALL have the rights to contest and deny their allegations or accusation…IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG.
      Show them you FEAR no one EXCEPT GOD and use some scriptures from the BIBLE to make them feel guilty.
      I am making a petition to ELIMINATE this CORRUPT and UNGODLY parking meter & illegal towing systems that are KILLING and making the lives of THOUSANDS of families and hardworking taxpayers MISERABLE.
      Like you said, you NEED FOOD ON THE TABLE and that’s what you need to insist and let them understand your rights.
      My name is Elizabeth and if you have any questions you can email me at I will be more than happy to be of help to you. I am about to have a meeting with a mayor and other officials to encourage them to do what is RIGHT to make America a better place, especially for our children. We need HEROES….not politicians and government leaders who are corrupt and know nothing but “for the love of money”. They will be in HELL if they don’t repent now, so don’t worry..GOD will take care of those
      MONSTERS trying to also DESTROY your life.

      It is time for Good Citizens in America to Stand UP and Speak UP. Like in Chicago, a giant company in Abu Dhabi OWNS ALL the parking meters in Chicago and it was a news article I just read. And do you think people in Chicago knew about this BUSINESS deals by city officials with Abu Dhabi? WE THE PEOPLE are being treated like Idiots and we should NOT and can NOT allow that to happen. so let us be smart and fight smart by using your INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS and COMMUNITY JUSTICE.
      Don’t be surprise that parking meter and towing companies are working HAND-IN -HAND with city, police department, auction companies and of course with the COURT. They just towed my car WITHOUT giving me a ticket citation or warning! Then when I couldn’t pay the $450 (only for two hours towing), it went up to $3000, can you believe that!: ) And guess what, when I couldn’t pay, they SIMPLY SOLD MY FULLY PAID PRIUS car to an AUCTION!: )
      But you know why I am smiling? I got PROOF and interviewed many friends and people …and even two DMV supervisors I interviewed AGREED with me that what the sheriff office and towing company did to me and my beloved son was so UNCONSTITUTIONAL and so, this ONLY MEANS I would get many supporters once I put in YOUTUBE about our SAD stories. And the viewers will be your JURORS and you can use this to fight for your rights.
      NEVER give up IF you believe that you’re innocent and a Good Citizen. Prove it to them.
      Also, make your own Youtube video and share your SAD stories about these GREEDY DMV, and others involved in making money from you. LET MANY PEOPLE HEAR YOUR VOICE AND BE HEARD.

      Always use the words of God when you fight for what is RIGHT.
      Like God Said, “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” and what this means is, these CORRUPT people trying to RAPE you by using their CORRUPT and EVIL system have NO knowledge HOW POWERFUL GOD IS…and you will see, they would be PUNISHED and God Loving Father will take care of you IF you believe and trust in Him.

      God bless you and God bless America.

      • Is it not a fact that this adage God Bless America separates the rest of the world from this place we call America, which is in fact a continent not a country. Most all wars are fought in the name of God and praying to God has never changed anything except to delude us into thinking it does. War continues unabated despite prayer. Your belief in God is merely an escape from your monotonous, stupid and cruel life.

  • Florida- I received a parking citation for expired meter, EXCEPT I never had the citation left on my window. I only received a notice in the mail that I NOW owed $60 for unpaid ticket. I did write a later to dispute, which they replied via email with pictures of my plate and vehicle but no proof that ticket was in fact left on my windshield wiper as they report. I would have had no problem paying the $25 but now $60/ ridiculous! now what?

    • Did you have to pay Melissa, or you’ve found another solution? I have the same problem

  • Never pay a parking ticket! It is a legal scam that is allowed to disrupt the daily lives of innocent citizens. They are robbing us blind with arbitrary laws about where you can and cannot place your vehicle, we must abolish parking enforcement and confront them for the cowardly crooks that they are. If you see a parking enforcement official, always make sure to let them know they are scum.

  • You want to kill the messenger? Will you also tell the bank teller that they are scum? Divide and conquer, is how they win everywhere. Don’t fall for that age old trick. We are all responsible for the mess.

  • You sound dumb as hell Harlem Bed and Breakfast

  • What happens to a car’s license plates when a car is totaled and the registered owner won’t be driving for awhile? The registered owner in questions did not pay quite a few parking tickets/bridge tolls during the time he was driving a car, but the car is now in a wrecking yard, the possession of the insurance company who is covering it’s loss. Because the owner no longer owns the car and will not be driving for at least 6 months, does that erase the trail of the tickets? He won’t get the same license plate again, but can they be traced to his driver’s license? Or is one way to avoid paying tickets to total your car?

    • Yes it can. As long as he does not get another car, there would not be any problem, but there are tow trucks that troll around checking license plates and those plates are tied into the drivers license of the owner, so any outstanding tkts on any past vehicle owed by your friend would be subject to towing or booting. Your friend would then have to pay the tow fees and the parking tkts plus interest and penalties, not a very pleasant situation! If you decide to total your car you would have to total yourself too! There are only 3 certain things in life: death, taxes and parking tkts! But death takes care of all 3 issues one time!

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    • well thanks but I can’t agree that it’s effective. Where do you see an effect?

      • Is there anything I can do if my kids get parking tickets in my car ? I had a clean driving record until I had teenagers. None of them are mine but they are on my record. Anything I can do ???

        • Parking tkts do not effect your driving record and do not appear on your record as long as you pay them! But they are expensive.

  • hi my name is abraham thoronka i leave i pasadena im a student of pasadena city college i have no job to pay for my 16 over night parket ticket n the dmv told me that they eont give me stcker till i pay does ticket

    • This guy goes to college?!!

    • you’re a f.ucking moron. leave america and go back to the s.hithole you crawled out of

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  • I received a parking ticket for parking on the side of the road between certain hours (2-6am) however I did not know of this regulation because I do not live in the city I parked in. I only saw the sign of 2 hour parking between 8-6pm except Sunday, Saturday & Holiday (I parked from Friday just before 6pm until Sunday night) so I thought I was good! Can I get out of paying if I didn’t know of their town parking rules? It was the first time so now I know obviously

    • No ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse

  • What about school parking tickets? When you’re issued a ticket online, through the little parking enforcement payment page for a college or university? Does this work for that as well?

  • My daughter died in a car accident a few months ago while driving her sister’s car. I have her car and want to keep it for sentimental reasons and when I went to try to register it in my name she had $600 of parking tickets including penalties. Does anyone know how I can get those removed so I can register the car in my name? I live in California.

  • I am a parking enforcement officer. Don’t hate all parking enforcement officers. I would never work in a city that tricks the citizens with rules like no parking overnight without signage saying so or citing drivers for 1 min. over expired meters. . . very horrible. What I do is cite those that park “real quick” in handicap spaces. Very lenient, too. It’s only $150/ticket in my city where in NYC it’s $800 for no permit and another $800 for physically parking in space without a permit. When I get reamed by people breaking the handicap law, I wish the fines were higher. Don’t park in a handicap space when you’re not disabled. Be happy you can walk.

    For those that are saying don’t pay your parking tickets, there is no way you can let them go without worse consequences. You can be traced through the dmv no matter what. The DMV has your SSN and your address.

    If you have huge fines, hire an attorney. Better, move out of your crappy town. Most people hate parking officers because of the small towns that rely on parking citations for their budget. Even large ones like LA and DC rely heavily on parking citations to meet their budget. It’s the way things are now.

    For the guy that said he didn’t know he couldn’t park overnight . . . most cities do not allow you overnight parking. It’s rare to not have to call the PD for permission. Just because you were from out of town doesn’t mean it wasn’t your responsibility to call and ask. You all want to park where ever you please but you don’t own the roads. The city does. Sure, taxes are paid etc but the roads are maintained by cities. Everybody needs to comply with the rules of the roads to ensure safety and order. If everybody were allowed to park overnight…think of all the crime that could happen. People are asleep, cops cannot baby sit cars over night for vandals. Or what if someone abandons a car. What if there is a dead person in the car for days because it was allowed to park overnight without any check up?

    Today, 4 people parked in a handicap space without a permit. I only gave them warnings. Why? Because they either were nice to me/admitted their wrong doing or they truly had a handicap but didn’t have a permit for whatever reason. 9 others were not as lucky. Those jerks just park “real quick” for “seconds” to run in somewhere like the post office or Chipotle for lunch. Sorry, do not feel sorry for you.

  • The ticket I got, my copy, was barely legible like the writing from the carbon paper didn’t go through all the way, so the officer’s name didn’t show up and they also didn’t fill it out completely, like there is no VIN number filled out. Are these mistakes in my favor?

    • Officers name and vin number missing or wrong color are probably not in your favor. What is important is the make, the body type and all the other info, those are the mistakes to look for. Cross check with your registration. Anything like the year of the vehicle or anything else must be correct for the ticket to be valid.Hand written tickets are much more likely to have errors than ones created by hand held devises. If you live in a city that still writes tickets by hand, go to the scrap yard and get a Toyota logo from an old car and replace your Ford logo with it. Often as the meter maids approach the car they mark off the make by reading it off the car and do not bother to cross check the make on the registration, only because few people have the audacity to think of such a thing never mind actually doing it!

  • I received a ticket this morning for being parked in a rush hour zone on Rhode Island Ave, NW. I came running outside at EXACTLY 7am. The meter maid was just getting out of his truck. He hadn’t even written the ticket. There was snow this morning so he had to get out of his vehicle to be able to see/read my car info. I was at my car by 7a so why am I being fined? If parking is illegal after 7am, then I’m fine since iIt wasn’t AFTER 7am. How do I go about proving this?

    • You can’t. I guess you could have taken a photo of the meter maid as he was writing the ticket so you would have the date and time. If you were not blocked in by his truck you could have driven away. I am not sure if the ticket was written or scanned. If it was written there is a bigger probability that a mistake was made on the ticket. Cross check your registration with what is written on the ticket. If a mistake was made then the ticket will be dismissed.

  • the author of this article, among several observations, makes 2 correct statements: the system is certainly corrupt, and it is a game. for even more about fighting legal issues and the system itself, i’d recommend checking out what is now the #1-rated legal guide for americans on amazon. it covers far more than traffic cases too. feel free to check out our reading sample: we hope we can help you will ALL your legal battles. will you be prepared, not if, but WHEN the legal system strikes???

  • So here is a good one. I got parking ticket in NYC last week for an expired meter. It was on Madison Ave and East 81st street. The fine for an expired meter in NYC ABOVE 96th St is $35. However a fine below 96th Street is $65. My ticket listed $35 as fine (even though I am below 96th Street). Never had this happen before, but would this be considered an error and the ticket thrown out? Or will I be bringing a mistake to my advantage to their attention. Could they raise it? Or are they obligated to throw out the ticket based on it being defective (incorrect).

    • Just pay the $35. Yes it is a mistake but if they write the wrong color of your car on the tkt, that is not a “big enough mistake” to get the tkt thrown out. What you are doing when you fight parking tkts is to throw doubt into the mix, so you need to find something on the registration that does not reconcile with the tkt. Anything outside of this is an uphill battle that you will most likely loose! Fighting parking tkts is much more difficult than it used to be!But don’t despair there are other weak points in the system that you can take advantage of. Remember the people working in the system hate it more than you do, and the ones that don’t, are stupid.

  • Who did this and it work???? Ever1 here leaving comments about scenario lets stay on the subject on beating these tickets…so who did this and did it worked? No one leaving detail about this or about there experience Or is this just a waste of time and bullshit ??

    • You can’t waste what does not exist, but if you wanna put that to a test try watching TV. Yes it is bullshit but so is TV

  • So does anyone out there have proof of this actually working in nyc or is this just another load of bs?

    • Not any more but it gets plenty of attention!!

  • I got 2 parking citation when I picked up my daughter fron school around 2pm here in oakland California, violations are double parking $78 and bike lane $48…that’s too much $126. I’m wondering if by any chance I can pay just one ticket. Can I be really in violation of two, either I’m in a bike lane or I’m double parking? Please help. I have 21 days to pay it. Many thanks …Mary

    • You can write a letter, stating that you were picking up your daughter from school. Mention how alarmed you are about the rising violent crime in your area as well as the increase in child abduction. Suggest that there be an area in front of the school to park so all the parents can do this perfectly reasonable thing instead of having your agents hanging around like sharks, targeting parents who are concerned about their children!

  • I received a citation from a parking lot in Clearwater, Beach yesterday st 6:20 PM. Unfortunately, I had already paid for a parking permit and the ticket expired at 9:51 PM. Believe it or not, I forgot to place my receipt on the windshield and that’s what caused for me to receive a citation. I can’t afford to pay twenty dollars at this moment and I still have my parking ticket receipt with me. I tried calling customer service at (727) 298-3660) and they haven’t returned my call. Is there a chance that I won’t have to pay that amount?

    Thank you!

    • Just make a photocopy of the receipt and mail it with the ticket(keep a photo copy) send it return receipt requested to address on the back of the ticket, if there is one, and check the box for “not guilty” if there is one. If there is no “not guilty option” and no address, try to find the correct address for the “not guilty”option and if not just mail it to the address where you would mail the money. That should work!

  • I received a ticket at the Staten Island Ferry yesterday because my parking ticket receipt was upside down on my dash. I swear I placed it right side up, but maybe I just thought I did or maybe it blew over…either way, it was facing the wrong way and I was ticketed. I paid for parking up until 2:56 pm and the ticket was issued at 1:04pm, so I did indeed pay for that space. What are the odds that it will be dismissed? I plan on calling on Monday and already tried to go online, but the citation isn’t in the system yet. I’m not from the city so everything would be done by phone or email.

    • Make photocopies and mail in the receipt and ticket in the envelope. This happens all the time so it will be dismissed.

  • Hi I got a parking ticket, I had put money I. The meter & came to my car 2 min before it expires. I saw meeter guy tickting me I googled him I m here & it has time. He kept writing the ticket by then meeter was done & he handed me the ticket.
    Any chance of winning if I contest ?

    • what do you mean ” I saw meeter guy tickting me I googled him…… was this a meter or a muni meter? Do you have proof that he wrote the tkt before the meter expired? Or buy yourself a hagen Daz icecream bar. When you finished take the stick and push it into the coin slot, then you can write broken meter on the tkt….just kidding!

  • My car was relocated from in front of a Baseball field stadium, and I got a ticket for $100, because it shouldn’t be parked there, 2 hours before the game until 2 hours after the game. The problem is I checked their website to see the games time schedule and there was no game on that day in their published schedule in their website. I have a print of that schedule, and I parked according to that table. Apparently, the timing of the game was changed afterward. Is there any way that I can fight this back?

    • Yes just mail in a copy of the schedule with the tkt. Keep copies of everything!If you feel up to it, write a letter of explanation, but I think the schedule shows your point. But bureaucrats can be pretty stupid so you may think it necessary!!

  • I received a parking violation stating my vehicle was blocking a crosswalk. The enforcer took two photos which were angled to make the car look like it was indeed blocking it (one was just their thumb blocking the entire photo), but the photos I took show the vehicle is NOT blocking the crosswalk. I know I was too close to the crosswalk, by law, but the municipal code they are violating me with is specifically for blocking. Should I try to fight this?

    • You could try fighting it but only if you can do this by mail.

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