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How to Fight Parking Tickets and Win….every time

I say “Win…. every time” because you will always win,even if all you achieve is delaying the payment for months or even years.You will also contribute to tying up a corrupt system that is in total disarray,with the introduction of the new scanners.I know that a big fear of people is being towed.It is a horrible experience,I agree.But I am not suggesting that you do anything else but play by the rules.I will point out however that it has been a long time since I have seen those tow trucks that trawl down the road,entering plate numbers into a computer in search of scofflaws.A possible reason for this may be, that if they don’t know who owes what then they can’t go around towing cars.
There are rules to the game and if you plan to play,abide by these rules please.Like everything else it involves a bit of energy to get started,but after a while it is similar to any sport whereby you take great pleasure,not in winning, but seeing the loosing side take a good beating.
1/ Buy a folder and write PVB on it.If you are really anal.You can stick a piece of neatly lined paper on the cover and write down each Ticket # and add notes.At the end of each fiscal year your can add up all the money you have saved and show off to all your gullible friends that still pay parking tickets.
2/ Put every ticket that you get in the folder and throw those nasty orange envelops away,you won’t be needing them.
3a/After about a month you will start receiving demands for payment with an added penalty.You must respond using a system whereby you have a receipt,either “return receipt requested” via US mail or one of the other carriers that provide proof of delivery.The US mail return receipt is easy and you don’t have to go to the post office,except once to collect the green forms.There are 2 of them.One is paper,”Certified Mail”. This is your receipt.It has some numbers on it that you can peel off. The other one is a green card(if you are Mexican,I’m sorry but it’s not one of those “green cards”) and you will see “2.Article Number” at the bottom.That is where you stick those numbers that you peel off.Address the green card on one side and on the other side put your return address.Peel off the sticky sides and stick it to the back of the envelope and tear the paper Certified Mail Receipt along the tear line.The biggest piece is your receipt, and the smaller one you peel off the back and stick it on the envelop.Postage for certified mail,return receipt is currently$4.64.
3b/You must write a letter requesting a copy of the ticket and that the penalties be removed.Just because you were issued a ticket does not mean you received it.Sometimes it gets windy out there.It rains.Stuff get washed away.It’s not your fault.
4a/The next part is quite amusing because the city will now send a letter offering you a choice, a deal (a reduced cost)if you pay the ticket before a certain date or wait for the judge to decide and pay the full penalty, if you are found guilty.Do not pay.This a ruse.This means they can’t find your ticket and they are trying to get you to pay something.Staple the letter to the copy of the letter you sent to them and file it.You won’t hear from them again…YOU WON!!
Now hold the letter above your head and as you wave it frantically above your head, run around the block screaming.”I won,I won.”
4b/There is also a possibility that the city will send you the copy of the ticket, in which case you should write them a letter telling them that you were helping your grandmother out of the car,this is good for most parking tickets .You are allowed to stop at a bus stop to discharge passengers.Don’t forget your original claim that you did not get the ticket so if you were right there helping grandma out of the car you must mention that it happened so quickly that you did not realise a ticket had been issued and you just drove off.Otherwise you may end up having to pay a penalty if you loose your case on the ticket.Remember this is about taking advantage of a corrupt system close to the point of collapse that you are going to help push over the edge.Your effort is not a selfish act.This is your chance to make contribution to society.You can tell your grandchildren how you helped unhinge,a powerful corrupt city agency.
5/ If you loose your case,pay the ticket and appeal.You should receive an appeal form with the verdict.If not, you can find the form,by simply clicking here.In order to appeal you must have a copy of your ticket.Don’t worry.This is not a capital punishment yet.
6/Keep copies of everything including return receipts that you should staple to the letters that you wrote..DON’T BE LAZY or you’ll be in a sorry mess,especially if you get a lot of tickets.
7/Do not get careless because you think “you don’t have to worry,because the system is broken”.They may be about to fix it.I could be wrong.Maybe the system is not broken.They are just trying out a new strategy and are about to launch an all out war on scofflaws like…well, you and me.
8/If you get a hand written ticket,this means that it was written by a cop and not a meter maid.When tickets were all written out by hand, cops usually made more mistakes since they didn’t write so many as meter maids.Check every box against what is written on your registration.Make and Body Type are especially important boxes to look out for since these are common areas where mistakes get made.Mistakes are very good news.Since all you have to do is send a letter pointing this out along with a copy of the registration and it is an automatic dismissal.
I will also start posting samples of letters that you can copy and paste,so you don’t have to over tax your brain.Look at the bottom of this blog and click on the Label: Parking Violators of the World Unite.


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