How Safe is Sugar Hill?

This a question that I am frequently asked.

One way to find out is to look at crime statistics.Our precinct # is 30 and if you click here you can see the crime statistics for this district and you can compare them to other areas in the city.

However that ugly concrete building that you see on the website is 10 blocks north of here and this is an entirely different neighborhood.You can even see a distinct difference if you just walk up the hill across Amsterdam Ave. and down onto Broadway.It is a 5 minute walk but you feel like you are in the Caribbean.You see older men sitting on stools,on the sidewalks playing dominoes, the streets are filled with Latin music,mostly salsa.

Over on this side of the hill and further down the area is quiet with mostly middle class African Americans,and some new arrivals that are both black,white and Asian .You will see architecture that looks like this on Convent ave or like this on Hamilton Terrace.There is a museum just half a block away,Hamilton Grange,a memorial for Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the treasury,and one of the founding fathers.There is also a fairly large park St.Nicolas Park,just 2 minutes walk the from Sugar Hill.City College starts at 140 st and Convent and fills the entire area from Amsterdam to the park and down to 135st.There are 3 theaters within 5 minutes walk from Sugar Hill Harlem Inn. The Classic Theater of Harlem,The Gate House and Aaron Davis Hall

I hope this gives you an idea of what the area is like.Bernadette is a 60 year old woman and she has never had any problems walking in the neighborhood.I feel very safe walking around day or night.

I often go upstate to an area,called the Catskills, near Woodstock.I go walking in the woods and look for different wild plants and pieces of dead wood that I bring back to my garden in Harlem,but I have to be very careful.There are ticks everywhere.The whole country side is infested.Unfortunately they carry Lyme Disease and I got it twice last summer. Yes I feel considerably safer in Harlem than up in the woods in the Catskills.

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