How Far is Harlem from Manhattan??

Not far……..Harlem is in Manhattan.Harlem is in the Northern part of Manhattan.Many people think that Harlem is a borough,but it is in fact a district.There are 2 possible reasons for this.First it is the biggest district in NYC and second,due to it’s history, it is the most famous.It is by my calculation,the most well known district in the world.Take London for example.A Londoner will tell you that the most famous district in the world is Piccadilly Circus,a Frenchman will say the Champs-Elysées.However a Londoner knows more about Harlem than he does the Champs-Elysées and a Frenchman knows more about Harlem than Piccadilly Circus “quod erat demonstrandum” Q.E.D
Perhaps the question that you want to ask is “How far is Harlem from Times Sq”,a very popular destination.As with most that is popular in this culture,if you could call it that,it is not very interesting.If bright lights are your thing then Las Vegas is much more impressive.However I seem to be unable to dissuade most people from going down there.So “you must take the A train,”,the most famous train in the world.Most people think that Duke Ellington wrote “The A train” but it was in fact, Billy Stayhorn who penned it.They both lived in Sugar Hill.It is considered by the experts, so it surely must be true,to be one of the most important musical compositions of the 20th century.Now find me another lowly subway,underground or metro that has has had a great musical rhapsody, written about it.More evidence that Harlem is the most famous place in the world.Why, even the trains are illustrious.Yes you take this celebrated train 3 stops to 42nd st and it will take between 10 and 15 minutes depending on who is driving the train.Watch as the train comes into the station,and look for a wild angry driver resembling Wolf Larsen.Hop on the train fast because the doors do not stay open for more than a second,and hang on tight.He drives his train in a wild,ferocious manner.His trains will get you there in less than every other driver but be sure to stand by the doors as the train enters the station otherwise you will miss your stop.
If you stay on the train it will take you to Penn Station,then W14st and on though the West Village to Canal St galloping down the dark corridors of the subterranean. That part of the trip will take about 10 minutes and if you descend at Canal,you can walk east,literally and metaphorically, to China Town and Little Italy or you can go north to SoHo where a huge quantity of 19th century cast-iron buildings awaits your stupefaction.If you go East on Spring st and right on Lafayette,you’ll come to a fork in the road.There you will see a taqueria,with people spilling out onto the sidewalk.Hidden down in the basement behind guarded steel doors is one of the most celebrated restaurants and watering holes in NYC.It is called La Esquina and it is very difficult to make a reservation.Unless of course you are staying at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.If you want to make a reservation just ask Jeremy.

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