How do I get from JFK to Sugar Hill Harlem Inn?

DO NOT take the supershuttle.

It costs $60 to take a cab from JFK,including tip and toll.This is the easiest way to travel to Sugar Hill.It is also the most expensive.Unless you take a limo or a helicopter.

The cab will take you up the Van Wick Expressway to Grand Central Parkway.You are in the borough of Queens.There is little beauty on this road,as a matter of fact,this is about as ugly a drive as you could take anywhere.If ugly scenic drives are your thing, there are some industrial zones in New Jersey that are worse,and I can certainly show you how to find them.If you look up you will see a narrow concrete tresel bridge.This is the bridge for the Air Train.Instructions for taking this are below.

When you get to Grand Central you will see a large park with a lake on your right,this is Flushing Meadows Corona Park.The name Flushing has nothing to do with toilets.It was in fact taken from a Dutch word that hopefully means something else.Corona is a part of Queens whose claim to fame is that Louis Armstrong lived there.His house is now a museum.

You will soon pass by Shea Stadium on the right and then LaGuardia Airport.Hopefully the highway is just that,and not a parking lot, and all this passes you by like a blur.Soon you will pass through Astoria and start the steady climb onto the Triborough Bridge.If you look to the left you will see Manhattan looming in the distance,I am not sure what your feeling will be, probably excitement and awe.It does not matter how many times you see this sight,you cannot help but stare and perhaps wonder at humanity’s madness,to create something so intense,so concentrated.

You will now be above Randall’s Island and Ward’s Island.On the left you will see Manhattan’s Psychiatric Center,a scary looking building with bars on the windows.You will then pass through the tolls and enter Harlem.

You are now officially in Manhattan and more important,Harlem,the most famous district on the entire planet.Tell the cab driver to take 125th street,not 126th,because you want to go up Amsterdam Ave, not St Nicholas,or you will have to carry your bags across the 141street.Go straight along 125th past the Apollo on the right and make a right on Amsterdam.You are now climbing the biggest hill in Manhattan.At the top of the hill is City College.Make a right on W141.We are in the middle of the block.Look for the house with all the wood and plants.There is also a large pear tree outside.

If you are going to 408 Convent,you should take St.Nicholas Ave. to 149th.Make a left, go one block and then take another left on Convent.We are between 147 and 148th on the right side just on the other side of the bus stop.Please call us from your cell phone,when you reach Harlem to let us know that you are nearby,so someone can be there to meet you.

Do NOT take the supershuttle

If you don’t have too much luggage and stairs are your thing,You can take the Air Train to Howard beach,$5,or there is a free bus that can take there, and then take the A train to 145th st.($2). The subway trip should take about one hour.We are a 5 minute walk from the subway.Walk up the hill along 145th st ,one block, to Convent Ave.There is a limestone church Convent Avenue Baptist Church on the left.If you like gospel music,you can go there Sunday morning at 11am.Make a left and walk down Convent Ave. to 141st.You will notice some beautiful brick and brownstone townhouses on the left.The house on the SE corner of 144th street is of particular interest.The movie,The Royal Tenenbaums was filmed there.You may see a yellow wooden house between 141 and 142, squashed between a large building and a church.This is a museum.It was Alexander Hamilton’s country house,but the museum is closed and this house is going to be moved,in the spring or fall of 2008, to St.Nicholas Park,just one block away.
Make a right and we are in the middle of the block on the south side of the street.Look for the house with all the wood and plants and a large pear tree outside.You have arrived.

If you are going to 408 Convent,make sure you get onto the front of the A train and take the 147th street exit at the 145th street stop.Walk one block west to Convent Ave.Cross the street and make a right and walk until you see the first tree.This is a ginkgo biloba tree and it is right outside the house.

Did I mention…….Do NOT take the supershuttle

May I ask – what do you have against the Super Shuttle?!!

People complain about it,because it sometimes drags you all over the place dropping people off and if you are coming from JFK you could be the last to be dropped off,because JFK is south and Harlem in the north.If you were landing at LaGuardia it would be different,because LGA is in the North.But if you are going to take a bus from LGA you might as well catch a city bus and pay $2.
It costs $20 from JFK,so 2 people is $40 and a cab is $60.My bookeeper calls me “bargain Bob”,but I’d rather pay $60 for a cab,than sit on that bus for 2-3 hours.

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