Hippocratic Hypocrisy

There is a large doctor’s office on East 65th st.Anytime you go, there are crowds of people.The 2 main doctor’s there Yaffe and Ruden are rarely seen.They are men,but most of the other doctor’s are women.I hardly ever go to a doctor but I got lime disease twice last summer so I needed to take antibiotics.I never went for a follow up the last time I was treated.I hate doctor’s.Then this December I felt what seemed to be an infected mole on my back,but I couldn’t see it.I waited for it to go away on it’s own.But it stuck around like an unwelcome in law.
Towards the end of January I was on the beach with my son and as we walked along the shore line,I asked my son to look at my back.The way he described it made me think of lime disease.I thought, maybe the last treatment had not worked, so now I was really worried.The thought of the rest of my life in pain was not a happy one and over the week-end I totally convinced myself that it was lime disease.
Monday morning when I got back,I called the doctor and made an appointment and arrived about 1 hour late, which turned out to be exactly on time.The doctor took one look and discounted my diagnosis by reassuring me that it was not lime but an infected mole and I probably had cancer.
Wow! What a relief that was.I was not going to spend the next 30-40 years of my life in pain,it would be over and done with, in a matter of months.They gave me antibiotics for the infected mole and on a return visit the next week,after twisting my arm, gave me a complete check-up and removed the mole for a biopsy making sure to mention the “cancer word” about 3 times.I ignored the doctor’s remarks.I was told that I would hear from them within a week or so and I left making sure not to make an appointment for “that very important colonoscopy”.If I already got cancer ,what would be the point?
About a week later the doctor. calls about the check up business and tries to tell me that my liver results look a little suspect, but that could be to do with the antibiotics that I am on, and I should make another appointment to do another check up.
Two weeks have passed and I am still waiting to hear whether I have cancer or not.

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