Getting from LaGuardia Airport To Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

Map and directions Driving takes 20-40 minutes and the tolls are around $4 depending on your route. For information on renting a car, click here. For parking information, call (718) 533-3850

Taxis into the city take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. They cost between $24-$28 NOT including bridge tolls (these are an additional 3 dollars). Taxis are cash only. Make sure to hail a cab in the designated areas or ask a uniformed airport employee to help you. Generally, it’s polite to tip 20% of the total fare.

Car Services
Gotham Limousine
: For a much more money than a taxi, you can have a limo or sedan. Services such as opening doors,just in case your arms are too tired, helping with luggage, curbside assistance,what ever that means, airport baggage claim greeting and advance reservations are part of this service. Visit the website for a special discount coupon. This discount system looks fairly convoluted to me so good luck collecting on that one

Public Transportation
The New York City buses run to LaGuardia for $2.00. If you have large quantities of luggage, you will find it difficult to manage this trip. You will need $2.00 in change, or a Metrocard for any public bus.
The M60 bus picks you up at the airport.Ask for a transfer.After crossing the Triboro Bridge,you will travel along 125th st. to Amsterdam Ave.Look for the Apollo on the right hand side,Amsterdam Ave is another 3 blocks. From here you take, another bus north to 141 st,don’t forget to get the transfer from the driver or you’ll have to pay again.When you get off the bus,make a right on 141st and we are in the middle of the block.Look for the house with all the wood outside.
You can also take SuperShuttle: 800.258.3826 This works well if you come from LaGuardia airport since the first district you arrive in,when you cross the Triboro Bridge is Harlem. So you would normally be one of the first to be dropped off.Just check with the driver to be sure,and ask if he will be dropping off passengers in Harlem first.If the bus makes a left hand turn and starts going downtown after the Triboro Bridge,that is not a good sign.That means you are going away from Harlem and you may be on that bus for a long time.
You can also take a helicopter from LaGuardia but unlike SuperShuttle it won’t drop you off in Harlem,I have a flat roof so you could always ask.The rate for the trip is only $990.00.On Saturday and Sunday the helicopter will drop you off at 34st and the West Side Highway.Just grab a limo and come straight up the highway.
If you take the helicopter Monday – Friday,this is not so convenient since the helicopter drops you off near Wall st all the way downtown.You would then need to take a boat to Pier 84 and then that limo ride up the West Side Highway.It would however be quicker and significantly cheaper to take the bus.

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