Easy Parking near Sugar Hill Harlem Inn. 2nd edition

Is there parking on Sugar Hill?

Yes unlike the rest of Manhattan,there is parking on the street,that is easy to find and it’s free.(My favorite price)

On Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday from 11.30am-1.00pm,east of Amsterdam Ave.,you must move your car from the side of the street that is being swept.Double parking is fine during these times.

West of Amsterdam Ave. and on Amsterdam Ave,the same rules apply but the times are 11am-12.30pm with one exception,no double parking on Amsterdam Ave.

Do not double park on W143st between Amsterdam and Convent.There is a school.

Because of the high volume of churches in Harlem, parking on Sunday morning is much more of a challenge.

The later you arrive after 6pm the more difficult it is to find a parking spot. However you can usually find space in the college. The entrance is at 140th and Convent, but the car must be moved by 8am. At this time it is easy to find a spot, but read the signs to see if there is street sweeping on that day.

Although it is fine to unload your bags, there is no parking anytime on the block.(W.141st).This has the advantage of easy loading and unloading.

You are not allowed to park 15′ either side of a fire hydrant.You will probably notice that this rule is not always obeyed,but you can be towed for this violation,unless of course you have one of these.

The nearest parking meters are on Broadway,so,happily you will not encounter them.If you do they only take quarters and that will give you 30 minutes,further downtown,you only get 10 minutes for your quater.The limit is usually 1 hour.Remember this….you can park on a broken meter but only for the 1 hour allotted time. I love broken meters,first of all parking is free and secondly most people think they are not allowed to park on a broken meter so you can often find a spot where it is normally hard to find one.

If you get a parking ticket read my Parking Violations in Disarray blog,or show it to me, I don’t excel at too many things but on this very important subject I am not too shabby.

Remember…Read the signs!!If you are in any doubt ask me.

There is a parking lot @145st and St Nick.It costs $20 for 24hrs

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