Ractopamine. Enjoy the BBQ but don’t forget the Hazmat Suit!

Russia, which joined the WTO after 18 years of negotiations, announced that beef and pork imports from US producers using ractopamine would be prohibited. Ractopamine is a drug that is used as a feed additive to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat. It may be responsible for hyperactivity, muscle breakdown and a 10 percent mortality in […]

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Martin Luther King cannot make a difference, only you can.

The fact is there is nothing that you can trust, whether you like it or not.  Neither your gods, nor your science can save you. You have to be your own teacher. You have to question everything that man has accepted as valuable. Martin Luther King’s real name was Michael King. Martin Luther, whose name […]

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Eating Cake and Eggs on Sugar Hill in Harlem

We make the most fantastic and unusual breakfast. Fruit, coffee, tea, toast, (special 5 grain health bread), butter and jam, orange juice and cereal which includes the usual fare, (cornflakes, cheerios and raisin bran),but we also make homemade granola with all kinds of seeds and nuts and dried fruit. Then we cook Spanish torte, (eggs […]

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4 Bedroom, 4- Story House for Vacation Rental in Harlem NYC

This is a four bedroom,four bathroom, beautiful 1906 Victorian row house, restored to its full glory in 2007.It is located in the land marked district, known as Sugar Hill in Harlem, which is at 147th St and Convent Ave. This is a 4-story house. The first floor has an updated kitchen with French doors, which […]

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Tips for your trip to Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

History:Sugar Hill Gospel Music:Sunday 11.00am Convent Ave Baptist @145th Largest Cathedral in the World:St John the Divine Largest Cemetery in NYC:Trinity Cemetery Restaurants:Baton Rouge LondelsCovo TalayBodyCafe One The River RoomTres Pasos Café Largo Or you can order food in from this website or call 212.281.8646 Dance,Music and Theaters:Alvin Ailey American Dance TheaterDance Theater of HarlemThe […]

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Profiting from Hunger

Over the last 30 years, the IMF and the World Bank have pushed so-called developing countries to dismantle all forms of protection for their local farmers and to open up their markets to global agribusiness, speculators and subsidised food from rich countries. This has transformed most developing countries from being exporters of food into importers. […]

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True Freedom

We Americans love to say,”It’s a free country.”As if somehow our freedom is dependant on someone else.On a superficial level,certainly if you can’t be sure that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are being respected by our government, it is diminished.But true freedom is something else and if we can find this freedom the […]

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A List of Conspiracies.In Harlem,and Beyond

Everyone is a conspiracy theorist.It just depends which conspiracy you choose to believe.According to my understanding you are considered a conspiracy theorist if you don’t believe the governments conspiracy theories,which may actually put you in the majority. These organizations and programs listed below are not theoretical,they are real.So don’t make excuses.Be a conspiracy theorist and […]

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What’s so Green about Sugar Hill Harlem Inn?

Since October 2007,we have been using solar power at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.This process took us about a year and a half to complete.In January of 2006,we started,to investigate the possibilities,of installing photovoltaics on the roof of our house.After searching for a contractor I found one right here in Harlem. Duce Construction. After taking measurements […]

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New Location for Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.

Due to an overwhelming response to our opening of Sugar Hill Harlem Inn in September 2005,we have added 4 new rooms,each with a private bathroom, in another building 6 blocks north of here.The address is 408 Convent Ave between 147th and 148th street. The whole building is light and airy and there is central air […]

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