Are there any theaters near Sugar Hill Harlem Inn?

There are 3 theaters on Sugar Hill.They are all about a 5 minute walk from Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.
The Classic Theater of Harlem
Harlem Stage at the Gatehouse
Aaron Davis Hall
The Classic Theater of Harlem produces some of the best off Broadway theater in NYC.
The Gatehouse is a brand new theater built in an old water distribution plant and opened last summer.The Harlem film festival is now held there.
Aaron Davis Hall is part of City University.This is a venue for theater,movies and art shows.
The center of the Theater District is 42nd st.This is where you would go to see all the Broadway shows such as The Color Purple and The Lion King There are also many independant theaters in this district where smaller productions can be seen.
To get to the Theater District,take the A train, 3 stops to 42nd st.It takes 5 minutes to walk to the station and the train ride is about 10 minutes.
There are theaters in fact all over NYC and some of the best productions are reviewed on the radio every Saturday Morning 8.30 am-10.30am by David Rothenberg. If you you listen to his show on wbai you can buy really cheap theater tickets.I have bought many tickets through his show and they usually sell for $50 for a pair of tickets.To order tickets,all you have to do is call the radio station during the show and give a credit card number and the tickets will be waiting for you at the box office.
You will also be supporting the only community radio station in NYC.This is the radio station that broadcasts Democracy Now! ,Mon-Fri 9am-10am.This is mostly news not covered by corporate media.

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