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New Location for Sugar Hill Harlem Inn.

Due to an overwhelming response to our opening of Sugar Hill Harlem Inn in September 2005,we have added 4 new rooms,each with a private bathroom, in another building 6 blocks north of here.The address is 408 Convent Ave between 147th and 148th street. The whole building is light and airy and there is central air […]

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How do I get from JFK to Sugar Hill Harlem Inn?

DO NOT take the supershuttle. It costs $60 to take a cab from JFK,including tip and toll.This is the easiest way to travel to Sugar Hill.It is also the most expensive.Unless you take a limo or a helicopter. The cab will take you up the Van Wick Expressway to Grand Central Parkway.You are in the […]

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If I was King for 14 nights

1st night.Land Reform:Land will be redistributed.The Black Hills of Dakota will be returned to the Sioux.The sons and grandsons of Rockafeller have inherited vast fortunes.The sons and grandsons of slaves inherited a broken promise,40 acres and a mule.Slaves built this country and worked much harder than John D Rockefeller.We will live up to our promise. […]

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Letter to Jack

You see Skully,this is your problem……….You think you are sooooooooo 21st century with your shitty little computer that you never turn on,in case it gets the plague or some other disease from the dark ages where it seems you like to reside.For you there is no better sound than a fire being lit at the […]

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Sugar Hill Harlem Inn, New York City, New York

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