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Hippocratic Hypocrisy

There is a large doctor’s office on East 65th st.Anytime you go, there are crowds of people.The 2 main doctor’s there Yaffe and Ruden are rarely seen.They are men,but most of the other doctor’s are women.I hardly ever go to a doctor but I got lime disease twice last summer so I needed to take […]

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How much is a subway ride? The long answer.

Should the subway be free? Most people would laugh at the concept.Primarily, because of some preconceived ideas of economics.”How would we run a subway system if it was free?”In the same way we could ask “How could we afford abolishing the inheritance tax?”The cost of that little gem would be about $50 billion…per year.This would […]

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Wedding Room Space Rental in Harlem

Yes we have event space at Sugar Hill Harlem Inn for rent.This is the entire ground floor of the townhouse.This room is used for small functions such as weddings, showers, parties, poetry and play readings,also meetings and conferences. There is a fireplace. There are 2 sofas and a large round table that can be used […]

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Crackheads are people too

Back in the 80’s when I was a street vendor,the “crack epidermic” began.Starting in South Central, Los Angeles it sped across, the length of the country like run away freight train.Astonished New Yorkers looked at each other in bewilderment,unable to understand how this scourge could envelop the country with the veracity of a smallpox epidemic.Invading […]

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Check in and check out times

The check in time is 1pm and the check out is 11am.You can always come here if you arrive in town early and if your room is ready you can take it and if not you can leave your bags.We have a large reception room with computers and a kitchen that you are welcome to […]

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