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Parking Violations in Disarray??

Back in the 80’s when I owned a few small trucks,I never paid the parking tickets believing that since I did not deserve them that they would somehow magically go away.Of course eventually I got towed and it ended up costing me more.In some cases much more, and in fact,once a radiator had to be […]

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Extra Beds

Can you put extra beds in the rooms?Yes we can put 2 extra beds in some of the rooms.There is an exrta charge of $25 per night for this extra bed(s).

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Airport transportation

How do I get from JFK?It costs $60 to take a cab from JFK or you can take the supershuttleIf you don’t have too much luggage and stairs are your thing,You can take the Air Train to Howard beach and then take the A train to W 145th st.($7) We are a 5 minute walk […]

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Bodegas Delis and Supermarkets

Are there any grocery stores and/or delis nearby?There is a bodega on the block and a supermarket 5 blocks from here at 138th st and Broadway.

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Cabs and Buses

Is there a cab stand close to the InnThere are no cab stands in NYC that I know of but you can call a cab from here or flag one down on Amsterdam Ave 1/2 a block from Sugar Hill Harlem InnIs there a bus service nearby?There are buses on Amsterdam Ave.

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How safe is your area for a female to walk around alone at night, including the subway station? I am assuming there is no problem during the day. You should not run into any safety issues in the neighborhood.Bernadette is a 60 year old woman and she’s never had a problem,day or night.This does not […]

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How far are you from the Subway?

We are 5 minutes walk from the subway at W145st.This is an express stop for the A train and the D train and a local stop for the B train and the C train.The ride to midtown (42nd st) is about 10 minutes on the A train.The train makes 3 stops,125th st,1 block from the […]

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Do you serve breakfast?Yes as the title Bed and Breakfast implies we do serve breakfast.In the same way we also provide a bed! And we do not think this is a silly question either since most B&B;’s in NYC do not serve breakfast.…………..however,there is one exception to this.There is a special rate for visitors who […]

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Extra beds

Can extra beds be added to the rooms?Yes we will gladly add an extra bed to the rooms.In fact some rooms can even fit 2 extra beds.They are air beds and are the same height as a regular bed and are very comfortable.

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Parking in Harlem

Is there parking on Sugar Hill?Yes unlike the rest of Manhattan,there is parking on the street,that is easy to find and it’s free.On Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday from 11.30am-1.00pm,you must move your car from the side of the street that is being swept.Double parking is fine during these times.Do not double park on W143st between Amsterdam […]

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