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2 Well Paved Roads to Chronic Disease

We’re living on a modern-day ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ injecting the populace with genetically modified medicines that create new allergies, diseases and illnesses while the media spin them as medical miracles. The world is being used as a giant petri dish with the goal of creating a constant state of pain and suffering which can only be alleviated through the use of their poisonous prescriptions called medications and vaccinations. The pharmaceutical corporations don’t care about people they only care about profits and the best way to ensure they make more profits is by turning people into patients.



  1. Michelle Froman, October 19, 2013
    These pharmaceutical companies are also owners of many food store chains, whose food producers also put waste by-products of many industry operations and animal "medicines" into the growing or production of their food-- essentially making most food POISON! Then, the pharmaceutical companies come along claiming to "help" you with their "medicine", prescribing medications whose side-effects can include death!! Scary scary stuff! Reply


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